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POT Act 2 (re-release) (MOW)
[ · Скачать удаленно () ] 04.02.2012, 18:14

Re-Release of the 2nd Act with fixing major bugs. Date - 26.02.2011. For Men Of War 1.17.5 or higher.
Modern thematics modification for Men Of War about the conflict in the Middle East, based on impressions from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. 

The mod includes 2 single missions, multiplayer and modern entourage. Models are taken from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Категория: English | Добавил: vora_bat
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If you have crash with the terroris i advice you to supress all terrorist breed (In POT mods ressource/set/breed folder) and recreate new by simply copy past other breed and replace the skin used inside this breed by the terrorist breed (It's really easy to do).

Resource not found , what the hell?

I can't see the Price of Terrorism folder in the Men of war mods folder. Can someone help me how to delete the info.lng?

As snake already stated, I can select everything but terrorists. At the second i select a terrorist, it immediately gives me the error message that "The program will be terminated" and such stuff. I NEED an answer, I run 1.17.5 patch (the latest official one) with the english beta, windows 7 and run it with my own mod which includes no scripts but only retextures, modern combat weapon mod and your modern pack v2 en. I removed all of these but pot 2 en beta, and when i run i get the same. Also, all cars have green wireframe on them. Wtf?


When I play the mod on bots, it works fine until I get an error message when I select my unit to fire on someone.

Please help?

Are the maps shown in the screenshots above available in this POT version?

the text in the load scream duzent work can samwan help

BTW we wont release this mod to the public, just if your wondering.

It seems removeing \Price of Terrorism, Act 2\localization info.lng has made the game start, now im just wondering why in the editor i can select anything but the terrorists?? it just crashed with a error. me and my friends really want to make a COOP mission with these units with our zombie mod, HELP?

Mine does not seem to start just comes up with a huge error msg? help

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