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Modern Pack

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Я рад что мод Modern Pack становится всё более популярней. Не так давно ModInformer.org сделал небольшой обзор.

Modern Pack v2:

Just what it says on the tin. This mod includes two models of us soldier in what looks like desert MARPAT, complete with the Interceptor vests, helmets, and even little dump pouches for spent magazines. (All together now: Awww…)There are also a couple varieties of something called "Spec ops” which seem to be Navy Seals. They have IBA helmets equipped with NVG mounts. There is also included a few different versions of a generic Russian trooper in their dark green Flora camo with the red white and blue tricolor of the new Russia on each arm.Besides several varieties of M4 and M16 with different configurations of accessories, (no, you can’t aim down the EOTech’s, and the grips don’t give your guy any more accuracy) they have a grenade launcher, a SAW, and what looks like an SPR, which is a semi-automatic, designated marksman rifle. They also throw in an AK-74 for the Russians.No vehicles or new missions as of yet, but I will be checking back on this one in the future.


Спаисбо tattat44 за информацию. Надеюсь что про Modern Pack узнает больше игроков :)

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