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Modern Pack

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DevUpd: Modern Pack

Inspired by COD:MW2 model

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just take your time. i do not mean to rush you though. wish i could contribute or help. my psu recently died (damn electrical storm!) and i'm saving for a new one. it costs about $300 - an AcBell R88 1100W.

yeah! i hope other vehicles are incorporated in the mod too in the future!
will you make variants of your humvee in your mod? Or even make the size a little bigger?
and the jackal you had in your mod was a great addition. hopefully brit ifvs too like the warrior, and other allied vehicles such as cougar, etc.
by the way vora, i could contribute your models i reskinned from the POT mods. that is if you want 'em.

Not so fast. Don't forget i'm the only person working on this mod smile
As for POT models, i can't use them in Modern Pack, as they are property of Activison.

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